Pregnancy and Exercise...

I am one of the fortunate women that didn’t go through 20+ hours of labor.  I have two children and was in labor for 3 hours with my first and 4 hours with my second.   I personally choose not to use any pain medications even for headaches, so I went natural… no epidural and no pain medicine after.   I truly believe exercise helps you in more ways that to just look good.  Here is why…

I was very fit before my first pregnancy and continued to exercise until about a week before I had my son (he was 10 days late).  I had what I would call an ‘easier’ pregnancy.  I didn’t experience the pain I had heard other people having and really didn’t feel much discomfort until around the last couple weeks of pregnancy.  Labor went really well, of course it is more pain than you can explain, but it went by relatively fast.  I healed well within the next couple weeks with minimal discomfort.
After I had my son, I convinced myself that I didn’t have the time to exercise and that I was a ‘bad’ Mom if I took time for myself.  A little over a year later I was 20 pounds overweight and pregnant again.  I didn’t exercise and ate whatever I wanted.  I experienced pains that I didn’t with my son, I had the most terrible heartburn, and I was always exhausted.  When it came time to go to the hospital, the labor pains were far more painful than I remembered with my son and I honestly didn’t think it would ever end (I know that sounds really dramatic and ridiculous).  After giving birth, it seemed like I didn’t heal as fast and had a lot more pain than I previously did… even months later.  I gained way more weight than I should have and only lost about 20 pounds.  I found myself almost 50 pounds overweight and physically and emotionally exhausted.

Now I know some people will say that every pregnancy/labor experience is different and you can’t compare the two.  However, I fully believe that if I would have been more fit and healthy before and during my second pregnancy, it would have went more smoothly and I would have healed a lot more quickly.
I now make time to exercise, even if my two kids are awake.  I now realize that if I do this, I am not a bad Mom.  Exercising boosts my mood, gives me a sense of accomplishment, and each time nudges my self esteem in the right direction.

What is awesome is that Beachbody has a workout program designed for a pregnant woman… and it is yoga!  Yoga is so good for your mind and body, I recommend it.   ORDER HERE

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